Bassenthwaite Lake is the only water body known as a lake in the Lake District. All the others are known as ‘waters’. One of the largest lakes, it is long and narrow and at one end it drains in to the Derwent River. Near Keswick, and at the foothills of Mount Skiddaw, it has also been known as Broadwater Lake and in the 18th century it was known as Bassenwater.

Tennyson wrote his poem Morte DÁrthur in this lovely place and in his honour an open air theatre was built here by the Tennyson Society in 1974. Adjoining this theatre are the many buildings typical of a small village, such as the church, a small pub, a village green and a stream running through it.

The Mirehouse house, which has been the residence of the Spedding family for over three centuries, is open to the general public on Sundays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. There are manuscripts of Wordsworth, Tennyson and Southey on display here, and there is also a tea-room which is always open for the public.

There are many sheltered gardens around the house which are a pleasure to walk through. There are also four wooded adventure playgrounds which are very popular among the visitors to this region.

Since tourism is one of their main occupations, there are many places where you can stay comfortably and enjoy the beauty of the area. You can also go shopping to the nearby town of Keswick and visit the many museums at Keswick.