Log Cabin Cottages – peace and luxury in one package.


When you are looking for a holiday, where you are seeking nothing more than a time to relax and unwind, where you do not want to chase schedules and tight itineraries, then head towards log cabins located all over the country. The name itself seems to suggest a rural ambience and rustic amenities, but this is not the scenario nowadays.

Whether you are looking for a romantic retreat or for a holiday with your family at a home away from home, then log cabins should be your first choice. They are generally located in secluded spots, either close to a stream or river, or within a wood, and come in all shapes and sizes. There is sure to be a log cabin which will suit your requirements.

Most of these places are self-catering, and have fully equipped kitchens. The cottages can be enjoyed all through the year. During the season, they are great places to sit outside on the deck and enjoy nature’s bounty all around you. During off-season they turn into cozy and comfortable retreats, where you can snuggle in the warmth of the cabin. You have the adaptability of choosing the length of your stay – ranging from a weekend stay to a longer break.

There is now an added luxury which has become one of the most popular features of these log cabins. Hot tubs, generally located outside the cabin, on the deck or within the lawns, are now being offered as an added attraction. They are equivalent to having your own spa or Jacuzzi within the precincts of your holiday home.

Cottage view

As in every other place where they are located, these hot tubs are great places to just soak in and relax and forget all the cares of the outside world. They are also therapeutic and good for your health.